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Dérive: base a concept on an extension or modification of (another concept).

The Photographs below are part of a project about litter awareness in London. The main idea was to take a picture everyday and post it on a dedicated website and Instagram. The photographs would then be collected and illustrated on a photo book. Each picture would have a title and short description e.g. materials & location. In a busy city like London we are too busy to look down the streets and realise how much dirt there is around us, every year 7m tonnes of waste is produced coming from London’s homes, public buildings and businesses, too much of which goes to landfill and incineration. ( with this project I wanted people to be aware of their surroundings and respect the environment they live in. 

As the project was cross-sectional, a route was established and around 30 pictures were taken. The starting point was Great Portland Street station and the the destination was Oxford Circus station.