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The Problem

Today’s travel apps are thousands, and can do a lot of things very well. However, having to use a variety of different services is time consuming and often people stick at one or two apps as their favourites. The problem is, people want to have everything in hand immediately and avoid having to deal with several apps, especially in the current world where things go faster and faster. 

How to tackle it

We are working on a system which conglomerates key services such as, bookings, planning and tracking expenses in order to make travellers experiences as simple as possible. We work with flight and hotel search engines and, online banking services. We have a planning system and live expenses tracker which helps monitor trip costs for budget travels. 

TravelPig is an app concept for millennial travellers looking for budget holidays with friends.

Competitive Analysis

What travel apps do you currently have installed on your smartphone?


Are you downloading more or less travel apps than last year?

Target Audience



junior Project Manager

Age: 27

Sarah is project manager at a London design agency, and is a travel enthusiast. She loves to travel with her friends but she has a limited budget.




Age: 22

David is an art student who enjoys travelling and meeting new people. He used to travel by comparing different travel sites and looking for the cheapest deals but now he has a limited budget because he lives in London and his work life balance doesn’t allow much flexibility.

Information Architecture

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